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UA 527 Southwestern Ontario
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U.A. LOCAL 527 Protection of Privacy Policy

U.A. Local 527 respects the privacy of its members and is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information we gather and retain for administrative purposes, while allowing reasonable access and/or exchange of information between limited parties with whom the Local Union is professionally engaged. Local 527 will comply with Provincial and Federally legislated Privacy Acts(s) to ensure that our member's information is used for authorized purposes only. Local 527 will not be responsible for any actions of third parties once the information is exchanged.

Local 527 collects personal information that is required for proper administration of the Union and will include;

Members Name

Names of family members

Members Birth date

Birth dates of family members

Social Insurance Number

Home address / mailing address

Phone / Fax Number

Email Address

Emergency Contact names and numbers

Benefit Plan Information

Beneficiary & Life Insurance information

Trade Qualifications

Wage Rates / Earnings

Past Employment History

Additional information may be collected should a member become involved in a grievance, labour relations board application, workers compensation board appeals, employment insurance appeals, employment standards complaints or trial.

DISCLOSURE - Some or all of your personal information may be disclosed to approved third parties:

  • Where the Local Union is required by law to obtain, maintain, and report information to government bodies, such as Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) or other legal or administrative proceedings.
  • Where proceedings with grievances, arbitration, mediation, litigation or settlement of any disputes or issues exist between the Local Union and Employer, or the B.C. Labour Relations Board.
  • Where required by law
  • Where the U.A. International Office requires updating of member information/status
  • Where Employers seek trade qualifications and employment histories
  • Where the Union Benefit Plan Providers require information
  • Where an individual member authorizes release of personal information to a specified party
  • For identification purposes a member's social insurance number is authorized for use as an number within the union membership administration program to post all Employer deducted dues and remittances; and by the Unions Benefit Plans (Health & Welfare and Pension) for identification purposes and for the purposes of reporting to Income tax office.
  • Local 527 does not disclose personal information to other members or to any other person, agency or organization without obtaining separate and express permission to do so by the member.

CONSENT - By providing U.A. Local 527 with your personal information on file, a member consents to the disclosure and utilization of their records for the purposes mentioned herein. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that personal information provided to the Union is correct and up to date.

ACCESS TO PERSONAL INFORMATION - Upon request, all members shall have access to all personal information held. The Union reserves the right to refuse requests in situations where disclosure of information; may be protected legally, could harm the position of the organization, would reveal personal information about another individual, or where the information is generated for the purpose of a mediation/arbitration or court hearing of a confidential nature.
WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT - A member may withdraw consent to the use and disclosure of personal information at any time. However, withdrawal of such information may limit or prevent aspects of membership within the Local Union.

PRIVACY OFFICER - All information pertaining to the policies and practices established by U.A. Local 527 are available for review. A Privacy Officer has been designated and may be reached by contacting the Union office.





225 Frobisher Drive Waterloo, ON N2V 2G4
Phone: 519-746-3300
Fax: 519-746-7660


331 Sovereign Rd. London, ON
N6M 1A6
Phone: 519-746-3300
Fax: 519-659-7831


3429 St. Etienne Blvd. Windsor, ON N8W 5B1
Phone: 519-746-3300
Fax: 519-946-9996

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Too few Americans know labor history and how they have benefited from the efforts of unions. We have a 40-hour work week, defined benefits, higher wages, paid vacations and sick leave, largely as the result of union activity in the 20th century. We built a middle-class society in the period after World War II, also a period when the work force was, compared with today, heavily unionized.

KEN BERNSTEIN, "No unions: Government by the rich, for the rich", CNN, Feb. 24, 2011